Welcome Back EP

by Dazeases

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words of parting


released July 14, 2016




Dazeases Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Still Tongues
be that
keep that motion
you're the shore and i'm the ocean
i'll always come back to you

be that way that you say that you feel
this flesh is fleeting and your words are bleeding out of time
i gave you too much of mine
i just wanna give you everything
like kisses and chances and glances and-
what the fuck you doin here?

all these still tongues
one day we won't be young
and you will know me as a ghost
watch how you cross that coast
Track Name: Black Crystal
every night you and i, we sleep in our deathbed
and you take all the covers
but you still look to my arms every time that you shiver

hey, let's talk about it
you say you can live with out my blue way

black crystal

can we be beautiful, just for the evening?
i know you're leaving
i wake up delirious
covered in bruises to map the stars that cross all of our chances
Track Name: Genuine (Once)
darlin, i've been sleepin
don't wake up where i was dreamin

what we could have been is not who we will be
but i remember when we were pure honey, effortlessly

and now we're ghosts of possibility
and now it's not easy

we cannot undo, you can't blame the sea

hearts faded before the ocean split them
like writing a novel with a dying pen

you can't blame the sea, you wanted to leave