Lame Parties EP

by Dazeases

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Coverart: Emily Haislip


released July 19, 2015

recorded on my old ass laptop on my old ass version of garageband




Dazeases Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Sad College Kids
let's go out on the party frontier
can't stand this house, gotta disappear
i've been waiting for the weekend to start
got my new shoes and my unbreakable heart
slip myself into the dark where lust and love can't be told apart

where u @?
r u coming here?
can u find the place?
will u bring sum beer?
call ur friends, tell em cum over
nite nvr ends, it just gets darker

you're leading me down boulevard to a place you know that doesn't card
and you're holding my hand like you cared about me

get fucked up on something stronger
what's in ur cup, can i have our number?
half a pack on the pavement
y'd i text my ex, shouldnta sent it
that boy's cute cuz he's lookin @ me
missin u makes me so easy
ur long gone so it doesn't matter
i can't go home, just makes me sadder

i don't care, you're not there
Track Name: Baby
calm down
i know you're sad that he's not around to kiss your forehead
and a twin bed never felt so empty
it's too easy being disappointed

but don't let you're self down, baby
you can't live your life off his maybe's

and i don't know why i still try and he don't do a thing and it makes me wanna

keep cool, keep you're skin together little lovefool
nothing lasts forever
even all your fears and sorrows
it gets hard believing you're worth something

but don't beat yourself down, baby
you can't let the world drive you crazy

and it's over now and it's really dead this time and my love won't do a thing and my love don't mean nothing

calm down, i know it hurts, baby
calm down
Track Name: Smores On The Hellfire
the cherries have gone sour and the laurels lost their flowers
this spring feels like last winter, hoping but knowing better

and hell will keep me warm when no one else will

i feel scared in my own body, what else would you take from me?
loved ones leave you lonely, and starving on stale sorries

and hell will keep you warm when no else will
Track Name: Too Much Small Talk
life is ticking and i am running out the clock
there's a world out there but i keep lapping the same block
is this all that i wanted, is half way really far enough?

push it down, don't talk about it
take what's given and never doubt it
play it cool, but don't you shiver
make some money and be a winner

slip into a haze where all my days become the same
built my character but now i no longer remain
how long to i keep faking? how long do i keep making compromises?
repeat that that's what life is, but it all feels like coasting

be satisfied
but you never get enough
be satisfied
but it's never good enough
be satisfied
but you're never good enough